Pedro, thank you very much for suggesting I try a mouth piece for better sleep.  It has been a life saver!  When you first brought it up I was very skeptical and apprehensive about wearing a mouth piece to sleep.  My feelings were: Would it be comfortable?  I’m too young to have this problem?  I don’t want to have to bother with this “thing” in my mouth every night.  What about when we travel, will I have to remember to bring it?  Will this mouth piece mess up my bite and cause other problems with my jaw down the road?  All these things were running through my head but the bottom line was; how was I feeling all day long not getting solid sound sleep?  Well the truth is I was feeling hung over, fatigued and very aggravated because my wife was kicking me all night for snoring.  We both were not getting quality sleep.  Honestly this has been one of the best choices for my health, my sleep quality is awesome, I sleep solid all night without waking up, when I get up in the morning I’m full of energy and ready to go, and my wife no longer kicks me through the night so she’s sleeping better also.  Pedro thank you very much for asking the right questions, being compassionate enough to offer the right solution and following through to make sure all is well after I started wearing the mouth piece.  I have now been wearing this mouth piece for better sleep for about 1 year and I’d do it all over again.  I actually look forward to getting to bed and wearing it because I know how well I’ll be sleeping.  I’d recommend this for anyone not sleeping well.

Marty Boquet

After being diagnosed with sleep apnea, I used the CPAP machine for a year or so. The hook-up was awkward and I found it hard to get used to it. After discussing this with my sleep apnea doctor, he suggested I may want to consider looking into a sleep appliance (mouthguard). I was recommended to Dr. Cuartas. He took measurements and made adjustments for this appliance. I have been using this appliance for the last 3 years or so and I am completely satisfied. I would recommend this appliance to anyone who can’t tolerate the CPAP machine.

Chris C.

I was sleeping for 3.5 hours maximum. I am now able to get a full 7.5 hours of sleep every night and am able to do a lot more things that I could never do before. Oral Appliance Therapy has been working great and I would definitely recommend it. The oral appliance is easy to use and keep up.

Roger B.

(OAT Patient)

I feel ten years younger with good nights of restful sleep. I am sure you know that you have changed my life and probably added years to my abilities to function like myself again. I thought my tiredness was age related, but it was from my sleeplessness.

Daniel D.

(APAP User)